India is the most diverse place on earth and has been at the heart of the human story for thousands of years. Now it is re-emerging as an economic superpower. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos joined those who predict that the 21st Century will be the Indian Century.

Reimagining India March 2022 (6-12 Weeks)

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Are you ready for the Indian Century?

Worlds Largest Country

By 2023 the World Bank forecasts India will overtake China to be the most populous country on earth. India is one of the worlds youngest countries with an average age of 26 vs 38 in China.

Fastest Growing Economy

Despite COVID the IMF forecasts India to grow faster than China in 2021 and each year for the foreseeable future. Per Capita Income is now where China was just before the Beijing Olympics.

Tech Takeover

Many of the worlds leading tech companies are led by Indians including Google and Microsoft. Credit Suisse has identified over 100 startups based in India worth more than $1bn including Zomato and Ola and Oyo.

Group Diversity:
Meet Students from multiple countries including Australia, New Zealand, U.S, and China
6 weeks
Yes, and some students will be able to earn 3 credit hours.
Skill Level
Anyone with an interest in learning about India

Course Description

India is the most diverse place on earth and has been at the heart of the human story for thousands of years. Vibrant and fascinating, India is the perfect focus for an immersive virtual study tour. India is also increasingly relevant to student careers given its re-emergence as an economic superpower. 

All that said, India remains a country we know relatively little about. It has traditionally been overlooked because of its sheer scale, diversity and complexity. India is increasingly realising its potential as a tremendously creative and innovative culture and economy.

Our instructional design is founded on the belief that a Virtual Study Tour can actually go beyond what is possible in an in-person study tour. Collaborative online working is a key 21st century skill - even more so due to Covid-19. In many fields, this often takes place with colleagues based in India. Reimagining India VST offers unique experiences which are closer to the future careers of students working with India than any other study tour.

How can this course help to jump start my career?

•Multi-National Corporations from all around the World collaborate with India and Indians (co-workers, outsourcing partners, offshore centres)

•Indian startups and corporates are hiring internationally as they expand around the world

•Increasing need to understand the Indian consumer by designing and delivering products and services from ANZ Bank to Byron Bay Chilli Sauce!

•Working with India on public policy issues – Government, Think Tanks or public policy challenges (eg. Climate, Security & Trade)

Learning outcomes

  • An introductory knowledge of India’s past, present and future from an interdisciplinary standpoint, with a focus on growth and opportunity
  • A broad overview of Indian history, geography and culture helping them establish context and appreciate the bigger picture
  • Descriptions of diversity emphasizing the range of cultural dimensions to India, i.e. customs, religions, languages, festivals, foods, performing arts, etc.
  • Delineate ways India is relevant to their studies and/or work by hosting field specific sessions will demonstrate ways India fits into their studies and careers (e.g. case studies)
  • Awareness of 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication, civic awareness, cultural intelligence, critical thinking and personal character development
  • Resources in the form of reading materials, online content, contacts, etc. for deepening their experience of India
  • Pathways to future opportunities such as further studies, study tours, internships, startup incubators, and graduate schemes.

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Our Partner Organizations

Since 2016, we have been providing opportunities to learn in India to students from eighteen Australian universities. We are now able to extend that opportunity to virtual courses and study tours. The Reimagining India Virtual Study Tour is supported with funding by the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan. Eligible students can receive Short Term Mobility Grants.

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